Gaza Health Ministry Claims Gaza Fatalities Cross 25,000

Hamas has released a statement providing the latest casualty figures from the Gaza Ministry of Health, claiming fatalities have now crossed 25,000.

The statement from Hamas reads below:

The Ministry of Health in Gaza released the updated numbers of Palestinian people massacred by the Israeli occupation in the latest 24 hours..

Ministry of Health in Gaza: the number of people killed by Israel since Oct. 7 has kicked 25,105 along with 62,681 people injured. 

The Israeli occupation committed 15 massacres against families in the Gaza Strip in the latest 24 hours, claiming the lives of 178 civilians and injured 293 others.

A huge number of victims are still under the rubble and on the roads, with ambulance and civil defense crews are not able to reach them given the nonstop Israeli bombing.

Jan 21, 2024

Note that while the Gaza ministry of health is ran by Hamas, the UN and several other bodies believe their numbers to usually be accurate. Also notable is that fatality figures released by the Gaza MoH do not distinguish between militants and civilians, though around half of fatalities are claimed to be women and children.