Turkey Hosts Meeting with Hamas Political Chief

On Saturday, January 20th, the Turkish Minister of Foreign Affairs hosted a meeting within Turkey with the Hamas political chief, Ismail Haniyeh.

Reportedly, the two talked about the establishment of “a ceasefire as quickly as possible”, as well as “increasing humanitarian aid… and a two-state solution for a permanent peace”.

However, the statement released by Hamas about the meeting does not speak of a ceasefire, nor explicitly mention a two-state solution. The statement released by Hamas reads below:

Press release

A delegation from the leadership of the Hamas movement, headed by the mujahid brother Ismail Haniyeh, head of the movement’s political bureau, met yesterday evening, Saturday, with Mr. Hakan Fidan, the Turkish Minister of Foreign Affairs, where they discussed the political and field developments related to the Zionist aggression on the Gaza Strip and ways to stop it and deliver urgent aid and relief to the Palestinian people, especially in the northern Gaza Strip, and the file of exchange and investigation. Political goals and aspirations to establish an independent, fully sovereign state with Jerusalem as its capital and the right to self-determination.

Sunday: 09 Rajab 1445 AH
Corresponding to: January 21, 2024 AD

This is the first known conversation between Haniyeh and Fidan since October 16th. Haniyeh, the head of Hamas, is based in Qatar.