IDF Confirms 21 Fatalities in Single Day in Gaza

The IDF has released a statement confirming the deaths of 21 IDF soldiers who were operating within Gaza on January 22nd, close to the border between Gaza and the Israeli town of Kissoufim.

According to the IDF, the soldiers were killed following an RPG explosion which had targeted a tank. However, two buildings in proximity to the tank had just been mined by the IDF, which the IDF said was to destroy “the terrorist infrastructure in the area”. The explosion from the RPG caused the mines to go off, which proceeded to collapse the two two-story buildings on top of the IDF soldiers, killing 21.

The names of 10 of the soldiers killed have been released as of publication, with IDF Spokesman Daniel Hagari saying the names of the 11 others will be released soon.

With the 21 killed on the 22nd, the IDF has now confirmed the loss of 219 soldiers during their ground offensive into Gaza. The loss of 21 in a single day represents a huge loss for the IDF.

The IDF’s statement may be read here.