Finland Foreign Minister Speaks out Against Israel’s Self Defense

“The time for (Israel’s) self-defense is over. I say very clearly: Enough is enough now, the civilian population in Gaza needs an immediate humanitarian ceasefire,” states Finland Foreign Minister, Elina Valtonen. This speech was made during a Foreign Affairs Council meeting on January 22, 2024.


Continuing on the subject, Ms. Valtonen emphasized the need to stop the mass civilian casualties from this conflict. Furthermore, the Foreign Minister told the media that part of the solution was to make crossing the border more accessible to civilians and create a more fluid structure for humanitarian assistance. Also, Elina Valtonen presented the EU peace plan as a solid step to take on the path toward a two-state solution.


“The (EU) peace plan is promising and it is good that we are working together with the Arab countries on a plan for lasting peace in the region. I am glad that we in the EU agree that the second state solution can be the only solution,” Elina Valtonen said. 


This comes at a time when 85% of the Gaza Strip’s population has been displaced since the fighting outbreak on October 7th. The Foreign Minister concluded that extremism will spread as long as the war continues. The European Parliament has also called for a “permanent cease-fire” as the escalation builds. Israel has come under increasing pressure as outside rhetoric has become focused on ending the conflict from a humanitarian standpoint.