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Undergraduate student at Boston College studying Political Science, Economics, and Spanish. I am a member of the Boston College Economics association and the Investment Banking Association. My focus in my academic interests is on International Relations with a concentration on the projection of soft and hard power within the dynamics of state-to-state relations.



South Korean Economy Facing Unique Challenges 

In the past decade, South Korea has prioritized revitalizing its alliances with established and emerging powers to counter threats from its neighbors. North Korea and China are encroaching on the sovereignty of Seoul, which has triggered an initiative to...

Pakistani Taliban Claims Responsibility of a Suicide Bombing Leaving Over 30 Dead and Close to 150 Injured

Earlier this morning, prayers in Peshawar Pakistan came to a sudden stop as a suicide bomber detonated an explosive, killing a confirmed number of 32 people and injuring close to 150 others. The explosion caused a wall and ceiling...

How the United States is Projecting Power Through the Ukraine War with Russia

As the fog of the Cold War began to settle in, all eyes turned to Poland as a critical point in the balance of power between the Soviets and the West. At the time, the nation was recognized by...

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