Iran Launches Three Satellites Simultaneously

Iranian Rocket Launch System (Credit: Foreign Policy in Focus)

On January 28, it was reported that Iran simultaneously launched three satellites, a first for the country’s space program. 

Of the three satellites launched, two were “nano-satellites” that weighed around 22 pounds each. These were reportedly designed to test geopositioning and narrowband communication technology. 

The third satellite weighed 70 pounds and is reportedly designed to gain telemetry data for upcoming Iranian space launches. 

The three satellites were launched into space using the Simorgh (Farsi for Phoenix) satellite carrier rocket which was created by the Iranian Ministry of Defence. 

Nations seen as hostile by Iran have feared that the rocket technology involved in these launches could be transferred into the development of long-range ballistic missile systems. 

This development follows an uptick in Iranian space activity, and amid rising tensions in the Middle East, these launches could be interpreted as a show of force. 

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