Senior Leader of Iran-backed Paramilitary Organization Assassinated by Unknown Gunmen in Eastern Iraq

Naji Abu Ali Al-Kaabi, a senior leader within the Iran-backed paramilitary organization Asaib Ahl al-Haq (AAH), was assassinated by unknown gunmen while driving in Maysan, Iraq.

In a statement, AAH Deputy Commander Jafar al-Aboudi reported “We received News of the martyrdom of the Mujahid leader and jealous brother, Naji Abu Ali Al-Kaabi, in Maysan, who was assassinated at the hands of evil, ignorance, and unruly militias. We belong to God and to God we shall return.”

The assassination came as AAH leader Qais al-Khazali met with Houthi leadership last week to discuss mutual support in the Axis of Resistance’s operations against Israel and the United States.