GRAPHIC: Heavy Casualties Reported in Rafah as Israeli Bombing Campaign Begins

Several Palestinian sources have reported very heavy casualties in the Gaza city of Rafah, as Israel begins it’s assault upon the city. The IDF has struck a series of targets in the city, including several houses and reportedly two mosques.

Rafah has served as a primary refuge for Palestinians who had been forced to evacuate from Northern Gaza throughout the war. Presently, Rafah is a refuge to approximately 1.4 million Palestinians.

Palestinian sources are reporting over 100 fatalities thus far since Israeli forces began their attack approximately 2 hours ago, as well as several hundred wounded. Due to Rafah’s high population density, casualties are expected to be high.

Egypt, prior to Israel’s launching of the attack, condemned the plan and accused Israel of “impeding access of humanitarian aid, as an actual contribution to the implementation of the policy of displacement of the Palestinian people and liquidating their cause.”

Rafah, situated on the Egypt-Gaza border, has served as the primary point for aid crossing into Gaza.