Arakan Army Sinks Three Junta Naval Ships in Myanmar

Between February 7th and 8th, the Arakan Army sank three Junta navy Landing Craft Medium ships, while they were transporting retreating government troops from the town of Kyautaw, located in northern Rakhine state.

The attacks resulted in around 680 deaths that included Junta army personnel and their family members; however, the exact number of civilian casualties is currently unknown.

The soldiers killed during the attack were part of the 9th Brigade’s 374th and 380th battalions that were evacuating from the base near Kyautaw. The military casualties also included several high-ranking officers, including 12 army majors from the 9th Brigade, two naval majors, and two naval captains.

The sinking is one of the largest losses in terms of personnel and equipment in the navy’s history and is related to the ongoing civil war in Myanmar.