Jordan’s King Calls for a Ceasefire During Meeting with President Biden.

On February 12, the King of Jordan, Abdullah II met with President Biden. 

President Biden said that the coming Israeli military operation in the Gazan city of Rafah should not proceed without a plan to “ensure the safety and support” for the more than 1 million people sheltering in the city. 

King Abdullah said “We cannot afford an Israeli attack on Rafah. It is certain to create another humanitarian catastrophe” and that “we need a lasting ceasefire now” 

Rafah, Gaza is where many Palestinians have been pushed to shelter due to the Israeli invasion of Gaza in response to the October 7th attack by Hamas. 

Approximately 1.4 million Palestinians are now in Rafah, in comparison to its prewar population of around 250,000 people, according to Al-Jazeera and the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics.