Israeli-Hezbollah Escalation Continues

On Wednesday, Israel killed 10 civilians in Lebanon in retaliatory airstrikes responding to the escalation by Hezbollah. Today, Senior Hezbollah official Sheikh Nabil Kaouk made it clear that the IDF would pay the price for the recent uptick in civilian casualties.

In a statement, Sheikh Nabil Kaouk emphasized that Hezbollah was “prepared for the possibility of expanding the war,” and vowed to counter “escalation with escalation, displacement with displacement, and destruction with destruction.”

Reports from the NNA suggest that the IDF attacks targeted the towns of Labbouneh, Wadi Slouqi, Majdal Selm, and Houla. Since the outbreak of fighting on October 7th, over 75 civilians have died in Lebanon, and more than 250 people have been injured. As the fighting drags on, leaders in the Hezbollah organization remain adamant about continuing their campaign against Israel.