Ecuadorian State of Emergency Continues as Police Crackdown on Crime

Ecuadorian police successfully rescued a citizen who was a victim of kidnapping after stopping a vehicle with four individuals inside. Following the traffic stop, police were reportedly shot at by the perpetrators, which led to the injury of one individual but successfully made the arrest of three individuals who have been arrested and transferred to the proper authorities.

This comes amid an ongoing security situation within the country, which began following the escape of infamous crime lord José Macias, better known as Fito, who escaped from a prison in Guayaquil in early January, which sparked the President of Ecuador, Daniel Noboa, to declare a national state of emergency, which in turn led to an unprecedented outbreak of violence across the country, which included the takeover of a TV station as well as the capture of 130 prison guards and administration employees who have since been released.

The president renewed the state of emergency on Friday.