Freedom of Russia Legion Establishes Humanitarian Corridor for Russian Civilians

As this publication reported throughout this morning, the Ukrainian Freedom of Russia Legion is conducting a military operation throughout Southern Belgorod Oblast, Russian Federation. The Ukrainian troops have conducted an aerial assault operation, shelled Belgorod proper, and engaged Russian troops through combined arms.

However, in the last thirty minutes, the Freedom of Russian Legion has made a unique announcement in the form of a Humanitarian Corridor for Russian civilians, which the Legion claims is being kept in place by the Russian military. Their announcement reads below:

“In connection with the conduct of a limited military operation in the Kursk and Belgorod regions, we call for the urgent evacuation of residents of the following settlements in the border areas. Save your lives and the lives of your children! We see that Putin’s troops are hiding among civilians, so our task is to ensure maximum security for the local population. In this regard, we are providing a humanitarian corridor for civilians and Russian military personnel to freely leave the specified settlements from 21:00 today until 7:00 on March 15. After this, we launch a massive attack on Putin’s military in the settlements indicated on the map in the photo.”

This announcement comes after more than two days of the Freedom of Russia Legion warning Russian civilians to evacuate the border area and Belgorod itself in advance of the current advance.

The heaviest fighting has been spotted near Grayvoron and Kozinka. It is not clear how deep the Ukrainian units aim to or can penetrate.

This is developing.