Sentence Suspended Against U.S. Airman in 2022 Drunk-Driving Fatality, Italy

On 21 August 2022, U.S. Airman Julia Bravo from the 31st Fighter Wing stationed in Aviano Air Base Aviano lost control of her vehicle at a roundabout in Porcia, Italy. She killed 15-year-old Giovanni Zanier. When she was arrested, her blood-alcohol-content (BAC) was four times the legal limit and prosecutors sought vehicular manslaughter. During the pre-trial investigation, the roundabout was subject to intense scrutiny as street lights had been removed, according to locals. Bravo has been confined to her air base during pre-trial investigations.

However, according to local Italian media, the U.S. Airman was sentenced today to 2.5 years in prison, a sentence which was promptly suspended. The Court of Pordenone reportedly suspended the sentence due to procedural inaccuracies with the BAC, which was not tested until more than two hours after the incident occurred, leading to the suspension.

A United States Air Force insurance agency reportedly reached a settlement with the victim’s family for the killing in the last few months, according to Italian media.

As of this publication Western media has not clarified the court order and the United States Air Force has not commented. It is also not clear if Bravo faces additional charges or jailtime. Check back for updates.