B-21 Raider or RQ-180 Stealth UAV? Mystery Aircraft Sighted Over Utah

Potential RQ-180 “Great White Bat” stealth UAV or B-21 Raider stealth bomber sighting over Tooele Valley, Utah, yesterday by X user @/clinty_y.

While the existence of the platform has not been officially confirmed by the United States military, there have been three other sightings of the RQ-180 in recent years. In 2021 video, however, the US Air Force Profession of Arms Center of Excellence hinted at such an aircraft by stating that “the days of balloons and biplanes have been replaced by white bats.”

This could also be a B-21 Raider 6th-gen long range stealth bomber. The aircraft was unveiled in November 2022 and successfully completed its first test flight in November 2023. The United States Air Force is expected to order 100 airframes to replace B-1 Lancet and B-2 Spirit bombers, which will be delivered in the “mid-2020s.”