Scott Lobaido Arrested for Throwing Pizza at City Hall, NYC

U.S. artist and activist Scott Lobaido has been arrested by the New York City Police Department after throwing a pizza over the City Hall gates in protest over NYC laws regarding pizza ovens. The video shows below:

This act of protest follows NYC’s quiet move to proceed with a climate law which requires pizza shops, bakeries, and other establishments to cut their emissions by 75%. You can read the entire edict from Mayor Eric Adams’ Department of Environmental Protection here.  The law faced significant backlash when it was unveiled last Summer, but media sensation behind it quickly dissipated as NYC faced its current immigration crisis. However, City Hall enacted the rules last week and they are set to take effect in April.

Scott LoBaido is an American artist known for patriotic, Pride Flag, and political themed paintings and sculptures. LoBaido is currently based out of Staten Island, New York. He’s also known to participate in protests, once throwing feces at Gracie Mansion to protest restrictions on coal and wood-fire ovens. He was also arrested in 2022 after pouring red paint on the sidewalk in front of D.A. Bragg’s office in protest over light-on-crime policies.