Taiwanese Lawmakers Plan Trip to Taiwanese Island in the Spratlys

On March 23, Taiwan News reported that a number of Taiwanese lawmakers had planned a trip to Taiping Island, which is claimed and controlled by Taiwan. The group of lawmakers is to be made up of members from the KMT and the Taiwan People’s Party.

The lawmakers will tour the island to inspect defense facilities, returning to Taiwan the same day they arrive. 

Notably, Legislative Deputy Speaker Johnny Chiang, has signed up for the trip. 

Lawmakers have urged Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen to visit the island to reaffirm Taiwan’s sovereignty over it. 

However, the Taiwanese National Security Bureau Director and Foreign Minister warned against the trip, as they believe it would contribute to increased tensions in the region. 

This comes as tensions in the South China Sea have been at all-time highs, namely due to clashes between China and the Philippines.