Russian Ambassador Refuses Polish Authorities’ Summons Following Violation of Airspace

Russian Ambassador Sergei Andreev declined to meet with the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs to address concerns over a Russian cruise missile that reportedly breached Polish airspace on March 24. This decision followed Poland’s demand for Moscow to explain what was termed “a new violation of airspace”, marking it as the second airspace violation of this kind reported since 2023.

The Polish military stated that they observed the missile for about 40 seconds as it traversed the airspace above Oserdow village, a flight fully tracked by military radars.

Poland’s Ministry spokesperson, Pawel Wronski, questioned Andreev’s adherence to directives from Moscow and his capability to effectively represent Russia’s interests in Warsaw. Andreev, in response, criticized the lack of concrete evidence from Poland to substantiate the allegations, labeling the invitation to discuss the matter without presenting such evidence as “absurd.”

He also highlighted Moscow’s ongoing request for proof from Poland regarding a similar incident on December 29 of the previous year, where an unidentified missile was alleged to have entered Polish airspace, a claim that, according to him, remains unverified without concrete evidence.