Philippines Deploys 180,000 Security Personnel Ramadan and Holy Week

On March 26, the Philippine National Police announced that they had deployed 180,000 security personnel to “ensure public safety”, according to Inquirer.Net. This deployment coincides with Holy Week, a major Catholic holiday, and Ramadan, a holy month for Muslims. 

Holy Week began on March 24, and the holy month of Ramadan started on March 12.  

Security personnel will patrol key locations, such as churches, ports, malls, and other high traffic areas. 

Philippine National Police Chief General Benjamin Acorda Jr. said in a statement that “As of now, we have not received any specific threats. However, we maintain a vigilant stance. Our commitment extends to ensuring the safety and security of our Catholic and Muslim brothers and sisters during this significant period of religious devotion”.

The Philippines has been a hotbed of terror attacks by Islamic State-backed and linked terror organizations, according to Forbes.