Russian Security Council Officially Accuses Ukraine of Orchaestrating Crocus City Hall Attack

According to Russian state-owned media, Russian Security Council Secretary Patrushev levied the first official Russian government accusation against Ukraine for the March 22nd Crocus City Hall terrorist attack, carried out by four Tajik nationals loyal to ISIS. According to several Russian government sources and local media, the four men were speeding towards the Ukrainian border in a Renault Symbol before they were captured near Khatsun, Bryansk Oblast. This accusation has also been characterized by the Russian government as a result of interrogation of the suspects, which detailed how they carried out the attack. That information has not been made public.

Eight people have been detained over this attack and charged under Article 205 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (“Terrorist Act”), including Kasimov Alisher Khatamovich who reportedly provided an apartment in Putilkovo to the attackers beforehand. The Russian Investigative Committe has reported the updates casualty number to 139.