U.S. Journalist Kidnapped in Haiti

According to Haiti24, U.S. journalist Adisson Pierre Maalouf has been kidnapped by the 400 Mawozo gang in Haiti on March 14th, in Croix-des-Bouqets.

According to them, Adisson was on his way back from Cape Haiti with his Haitian colleague, Sacra Sean. Adisson Pierre Maalouf went to Delmas 6 to conduct an interview with Jimmy Cerisier, aka “Barbecue”. However, “Lanmò 100 jou”, a member of the same criminal group as Barbecue seized the pair and is now demanding a ransom of $600,000 USD

As of this publication, the gang has received an initial payment of $40,000 USD, he has not been released and the full ransom is still being demanded.

Adisson’s family is attempting to coordinate with U.S. authorities for his release.

There has been no further confirmation of the incident from the U.S. government. However, this report does join the dozens of journalists kidnappings in Haiti since October.