Former President’s Barack Obama and Bill Clinton Comment on Biden’s Involvement in Israeli Conflict

During Biden’s re-election campaign event on Thursday, former president’s Barack Obama and Bill Clinton shared the spotlight with the candidate at Radio City Music Hall. Both the former Commander in Chiefs shared there support for Biden’s handling of the current situation with Israel.

The war between Hamas and the Israeli government is “one of the most important reasons to elect President Biden,” stated Clinton during the event in New York City. “He genuinely cares about preserving the existence of Israel, which Hamas doesn’t. And he genuinely cares about giving the Palestinians a decent state of self governance and the support they need for self determination,” added Clinton. 

Biden has shown “moral conviction and clarity” and “He’s also willing to acknowledge that the world is complicated and that he’s willing to listen to all sides in this debate,” according to Obama. 

The event was swarmed with protestors on the outside of the building criticizing President Biden’s stance on the situation in Gaza.