Taiwan Navy Chief to Visit Hawaii to Discuss Increase In Bilateral Naval Cooperation

On March 29, the Taipei Times reported that the Taiwanese Naval Commander, Tang Hua, will visit the state of Hawaii, in the U.S., to attend a military ceremony, according to security sources. 

Hawaii is the home of the US Indo-Pacific Command. 

Commander Tang Hua is very likely to meet with the US Chief of Naval Operations, Admiral Lisa Franchetti, according to the Taipei Times. 

According to sources close to the Commander, the meeting is evidence of further development of the U.S.-led “Joint Island Defence Concept”. The purpose of this idea is to further coordination between Japan, the U.S., Taiwan, the Philippines, and Borneo, according to Reuters. 

The U.S. and Taiwan have increased military cooperation in effect to counteract China’s expansion of influence in the South China Sea. Recently, the US has permanently stationed special forces troops in Taiwan and has increased arms sales to Taiwan.