Six Killed, Up to Twenty Wounded in Car Bombing, Azaz, Syria

At approximately 1730 EST, initial reports indicated that a car exploded in the central market of Azaz, Syria, North of Aleppo.

The casualty numbers varied widely from eyewitnesses. However, by 1800 EST, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) published an official death toll at 6 and reported 20 wounded. However, eyewitnesses have still maintained that the death toll rests at 7 killed.

Eyewitnesses reported that two individuals detonated an explosive device in the car.

The first government official to report on the incident was President of the Syrian National Coalition Albahra who offered his condolences.

The Syrian Civil Defenses also acknowledged the incident and reported their teams had received three bodies and helped treat five civilians.

As of this publication, no group has claimed responsibility for the bombing. However, Azaz has a history of terrible bombings and other killings since the occupation of the city by ISIL in 2013 followed by a brief Turkish occupation and finally the dominion of the Turkish-backed opposition forces. There are several fringe groups, especially ISIS that would seek to carry out an attack in Turkish-backed opposition-held territory including the PKK.