Three Injured, Suspect Killed in Stabbing Attack, Gan Yavne, Israel

Update (2003 EST): Both Hamas and Palestinian Mujahideen Movement have posted on social media praising the attack.

Update (1741 EST): The suspect has been identified as a 19 year old man from Hebron that was illegally in Israel on an expired work permit.

At approximately 1630 EST, initial reports indicated that a stabbing attack had occurred at a shopping mall in Gan Yavne, Israel. The suspect was reportedly “neutralized” by security forces on scene.

According to Israeli media outlet, Mako the wounded were taken to Asuta Hospital in Ashdod. The local council there announced:

“the terrorist was neutralized by the municipal police, an inspector and a policeman who arrived at the scene of the incident. The security forces and the Israel Police, together with the security department and the local alert squad are conducting patrols in the area.”

This is developing.