U.S. Soldier Arrested for Stealing Car, Driving Drunk, and Injuring Civilian in Crash

South Korean media has reported that a United States Forces Korea (USFK) soldier has been arrested after stealing a car, driving said car while intoxicated, and injuring two civilians in a crash.

According to Seoul Broadcasting System, a 20-year-old USFK soldier from Pyeongtaek U.S. military base stole a car in Hongdae, Seoul in the early morning hours of March 31st. He stole the passenger vehicle after the owner left their keys in the vehicle. During the joy ride, he hit a car and commercial truck at a traffic light before coming to a stop after hitting a light pole in Goyang, Gyeonggi City. Including the suspect, another person was injured in the attack.

The U.S. servicemember was assessed to have been drunk by authorities on scene then turned over to U.S. authorities on his base.