Iran Has Asked the U.S. to “Step Aside”, Attack on Israel Expected Soon

On April 6, the President of Iran’s Deputy Chief of Staff for Political Affairs, Mohammad Jamshidi, wrote on X that Iran had delivered a message to the American government that asked them to “step aside” and that had “warned the U.S. not to get dragged into Netanyahu’s trap”, according to Bloomberg. 

According to Jamshidi, the U.S. responded by asking Iran to “not hit American targets”. 

When asked about Jamshidi’s post, a spokesperson for the State Department told CNN, “We responded by warning Iran not to use this as a pretext to attack US personnel and facilities. We did not ‘ask.’”

The Iranian government pledged to punish Israel for the recent killing of seven senior officers of the Islamic Republican Guard Corps at the Iranian consulate in Syria. 

According to a senior U.S. government official, the U.S. is on high alert and is actively preparing for a “significant” attack that could come as soon as “within a week”, as reported by CNN.