Islamic Resistance in Iraq Issues Warning to American Forces in Region

The Islamic Resistance in Iraq, an umbrella organization of Iran-backed Shia militias primarily led by Kataib Hezbollah, issued a statement accusing American forces of having “no intention on the horizon to withdraw” from Iraq, as well as threatening attacks if its forces or Israel “commit any foolishness in Iraq or the Axis countries.”

The statement went to say that:

“Replacing the names of the American occupation at times with an alliance and at other times with a sustainable security partnership or other is worthless, as long as its occupying forces remain perched on the chest of wounded Iraq, denouncing its sovereignty, violating its atmosphere, and controlling the security decisions therein, such as their control over Joint Operations Command and other security aspects. Indeed, they have increased The number of its occupying forces, which confirms; they have no intention on the horizon to withdraw from the country.”

“American criminality is increasing day by day in its support for Israel, and we hold the Americans fully responsible if their forces or the entity commit any foolishness in Iraq or the Axis countries, as our response will be direct wherever our hands reach,” it added.