U.S., Philippines, and Japan Announce Creation of Luzon Economic Corridor

On April 12, the U.S., Philippines, and Japan announced a joint partnership to develop the Luzon Economic Corridor to increase investments in critical sectors, as reported by the Philippine News Agency. 

This was announced during the first-ever trilateral summit between the leaders of the U.S., the Philippines, and Japan. 

All three countries have committed to jointly invest in infrastructure such as railways, clean energy, semiconductor supply chains, agribusiness, and civilian port upgrades in the Philippines, according to the Philippine News Agency. 

All three nations’ leaders jointly announced that they are “pursuing economic projects that advance our shared objectives: promoting broad-based and sustainable economic growth, and investing in resilient, reliable, and diversified supply chains,”

This comes as tensions between China and the U.S. have heightened in recent months, especially due to aggressive actions by Chinese vessels toward Philippine vessels in the South China Sea.