Israel Closes Airspace to Civilian Aircrafts

In light of the ongoing attacks by Iran and its proxies against Israel, the Israel Airports Authority has announced that the country’s national airspace will be shut to commercial airlines from 12:30 am local time.

Currently amongst the last scheduled flights to exit Israeli airspace is a Boeing 787-9 airliner by El Al (ELY091) from Tel Aviv to Tokyo:

Notably, Lufthansa one of two western airlines, alongside Austrian airlines, that fly into Tehran had “to cancel […] flights until and including […] Saturday due to the situation in the region”, in anticipation of Iran’s retaliatory attack against Israel following the former’s airstrike against its Syrian embassy last week.

The intensifying rate of Israeli GPS jamming in the past few days to deny precision guidance capabilities for Iranian missiles and drones had caused disruptions to navigation services in civilian flight operations.