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Konstantinos is postgraduate student, researcher and founder of Polity21. He writes primarily on Greek-Turkish relations, conflict and power politics in the Aegean and Eastern Mediterranean. Academic and journalistic interests also include among others Astropolitics, Remote Warfare and U.S. Grand Strategy.



Armenia Marks August 3 a Remembrance Day for the Yazidi Genocide

Marking the the Yazidi New Year celebrations in Armenia, the country’s National Assembly passed a vote on Tuesday, April 16, to make August 3 a day of remembrance for the Yazidi Genocide. https://twitter.com/farhadbarakat/status/1778997598772253135?t=pD0veXQjZkuHf_bGhH1pjA&s=19 Armenia and the Yazidis: Both nations were survivors of...

Senior YPG Commander Killed in Northern Syria as Turkey Continues Cross-Border Operations

A senior commander in the Kurdish People's Defense Units (YPG) was reportedly killed by an IED explosion against his vehicle on April 15 in the Kurdish-controlled Hasakah area of northern Syria. Heval Sores was a high-value target amongst other senior...

Indonesia Denies Claims of Normalisation with Israel

Israeli media have claimed that Indonesia is about to normalize diplomatic relations with Israel in exchange for the latter's support in its accession bid to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD). THE STORY The Israeli newspaper, Yedioth Ahronoth, first...

8 arrested on suspicion of spying for Israel in Turkey’s latest counter-intelligence operation

On Friday, April 5, Turkish authorities arrested 8 people in Istanbul suspected of spying for Israel in their latest counter-intelligence operation, Köstebek-3 (Mole-3). Coming as the result of inter-agency cooperation between the Istanbul Police's Anti-Terrorism Unit in coordination with the...

F-4 Phantoms fly over Turkey’s southeast as ousted pro-Kurdish mayor is restored

Ousted Mayor Restored: Following demonstrations and widespread unrest in Turkey’s southeastern Kurdish-majority cities and provinces, the deposed mayor-elect of the city of Van has now been reinstated. Having won the mayorship with a clear majority of about 125,400 votes, Abdullah Zeydan,...

Damage Control: Pro-Kurdish mayor removed after Erdogan’s defeat in Turkish local elections:

Following a decisive defeat for President Erdogan’s Justice and Development (AKP) Party on the ballot at Turkey’s local elections on March 31, the AKP government has selectively acted to contain the electoral damage. On April 2 the elected mayor of...

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