SITREP: Iran Retaliatory Strikes Against Israel

  • Iran carried out a large-scale missile and drone attack against Israel in response to the killing of several high ranking IRGC members during an airstrike against a consular annex in Syria’s capital on April 1
  • Initial attack wave saw hundreds of Shahed 136 drones launched from Iran towards Israel
  • Israeli officials reported that most drones were intercepted while over Syria and Jordan, which was carried out by Israeli, American, and British aircraft
  • Secondary and tertiary attack waves carried out by +200 ballistic and cruise missiles
  • IDF reported that most projectiles were intercepted, however, strikes and falling debris caused damage across the Jerusalem area and Negev region, including the Nevatim Airbase (although minor damage was reported)
    • Full extent of damage remains unclear
  • Several casualties have been reported, no indications of fatalities at this time
  • Iran stated earlier that “the matter can be deemed concluded” in reference to its retaliation, “However, should the Israeli regime make another mistake, Iran’s response will be considerably more severe.”
  • Israeli media reporting that “unprecedented retaliation” measures have been approved against Iran