Reported Hostage Situation: St. Charles Courthouse Garage Complex, Missouri

Update (1824 EST): The woman has been released and the male suspect has been taken into custody after a non-violent deescalation.

Update (1310 EST): Local media has confirmed that a man is holding a woman hostage inside a vehicle following a court hearing.

At approximately 1200 EST, initial reports indicated that shots were fired inside the parking garage that services City Hall and the St. Charles Courthouse in St. Charles, Missouri. Eyewitnesses published several reports on social media of SWAT teams deploying in and around the parking garage as a cordon was established. According to KMOX, the shots were fired near North 2nd and Monroe inside the garage.

Credit: Martay Burrdinkka (Facebook)

According to St. Charles Mayor Dan Borgmeyer, the situation is unfolding and police do not currently know who the individuals are in the garage. Negotiations are being transported to the scene.

This is developing.