“TikTok” Bishop Stabbing Reportedly Ruled as Terror Incident

Update (1831 EST): The terror designation seems to have been confirmed after initial media backpedaling. Commissioner Webb has stated that the attack was motivated by “religious extremism”.

As this publication reported earlier today, Mari Emmanuel of the Christ The Good Shepherd Church in the in the Wakeley area of Sydney, NSW, Australia was stabbed. More details have just emerged of the suspect.

He has been identified as a 15-year-old boy and the crime has been reportedly ruled a terror incident by the New South Wales Police Commissioner. After stabbing the Bishop, while parishioners and police were apprehending him, he told onlookers that the Bishop insulted his religion and prophet, so he decided to “come to his religion”, inferring that the suspect is Mulsim. But this has not been confirmed. The suspect is currently under police guard.

In a since deleted X post, Xanthe Gregory, a reporter for ABC News in Sydney reported below:

This has not been confirmed as of this publication. This is developing.