China and Mozambique Increase Cooperation in Agriculture and Electricity

On April 16, it was announced that Mozambique and China were increasing their cooperation in the agriculture and electrical sectors, as reported by the news service, Club of Mozambique. 

The announcement was made during a meeting between Mozambican Prime Minister Adriano Maleiane and Deputy Minister of the International Department of the Communist Party of China, Li Ming Xiang. 

The office of the Mozambican Prime Minister released a statement that said “During the meeting, the stage of bilateral cooperation was reviewed and the parties reaffirmed their willingness and interest in increasingly strengthening the strategic partnership focused on the political, economic and social spheres for the benefit of both peoples”.

Chinese companies in Mozambique “have a significant presence” and have close ties with the Mozambican government, according to Freedom House. 

This comes as China’s Belt and Road Initiative has expanded across nations in Africa, granting China a large degree of control over a variety of high-value resources.