FAA Orders Ground Stop for All Alaska Airlines Flights

Update (1156 EST): According to the FAA, the Alaska Airlines Ground Stop has been cancelled.

Update (1122 EST): Alaska Airlines has confirmed that a software upgrade with the W&B system was the cause of the required Ground Stop, which was requested by Alaska to the FAA.

Update (1107 EST): This has not been confirmed. Other sources are claiming “an IT outage”. Alaska Airlines had built the SmartLOAD system in conjunction with sister airline Horizon to automate its Weight and Balance (W&B) processes and systems. It is not currently clear if a transition from smartLOAD caused today’s ground stop.

The U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has ordered a ground top to all Alaska Airlines flights and its subcarriers, excluding SkyWest.

On January 5, 2024, Flight 1282, a Boeing 737-9 MAX (N704AL), operated by Alaska, experienced a rapid decompression when its plugged exit door separated from the airframe shortly after departure from Portland International Airport on its way to Ontario International Airport while climbing through 16,000 feet. That investigation is still ongoing. It is not currently clear if this ground stop is related to the incident.