U.N. Resolution Over Palestine Membership Vetoed by U.S.

A U.N. draft resolution that would’ve accepted Palestine as a full member went to the floor of the United Nations Security Council and was vetoed by the U.S. on Thursday. The resolution would’ve let Palestine become an actual member of the U.N., as opposed to their current status as a non-member observer nation. Switzerland and the U.K. were the only UNSC members that didn’t vote in favor of the resolution, instead abstaining.

The resolution was recommended to the 12 member security council by the 193 general U.N. assembly. Palestine and Israel, respectively, condemned and commended the U.S.’s veto. The Palestinian U.N. ambassador renewed the request to be accepted as a full member two weeks ago.

U.S. representatives have said they won’t accept the resolution not because the administration doesn’t recognize Palestine as a state but because they believe the matter should be resolved between Israel and Palestine, specifically the Palestinian Authority. Additionally, they said if Palestine did join the U.N., Biden would be forced to defund the organization.

This comes six months into Israel’s war in Gaza following Hamas’ attack in October and as settlements continue to expand and be created in the West Bank.