GRAPHIC: Turkish Suspect Killed in Stabbing Attack, Old City, Jerusalem

Update (0827 EST): Graphic video has emerged showing the moment the Turkish citizen carried out the attack. The Palestinian Mujahideen Brigades has already praised the attack and has called on more people to carry out such actions.

At approximately 0538 EST, initial reports indicated that a stabbing attack was underway by a single suspect in the Old City area of Jerusalem. Two police officers were reportedly injured, and the suspect was killed. One of the victims was a thirty-year-old man who sustained head injuries but was reported conscious when emergency services arrived.

The suspect has been identified as a Turkish national that has only been in the country for about 72 hours. As a result of the attack, security forces and Shin Bet raided a hotel on Salah al-Din Street in Jerusalem where the Turk was staying.

Several people were also arrested for interfering with the police operation.