School Shooting Reported at Horeb Middle School, Herob, WI

Update (1344 EST): According to local media, no second shooter has been found and the threat to the public seems to have been neutralized with the killing of the suspect before they made entry to the school.

Update (1256 EST): According to users on Reddit, at least one 14-year-old boy has been shot. Eyewitnesses report multiple gunshots and a second shooter. However, those have not been confirmed by any media or emergency services.

At approximately 1220 EST, reports of a mass casualty incident after a shooting at Horeb Middle School in Horeb, Wisconsin began to emerge.

According to police scanner traffic staging is ongoing with Fire and EMS units for a “mass casualty event.” A suspect has reportedly been downed and a rifle has been recovered.

The following SMS message was sent to locals:

This is developing.