GRAPHIC: Runaway Truck Injures 29 Children After Plowing Through Cultural Event, Jerge-Tal, Kyrgyzstan

Local Kyrgyz media has reported that 29 school children have been hospitalized, seven of which have been put in the ICU and three are in critical condition after a runaway truck plowed through a cultural event in Jerge-Tal, Kyrgyzstan. The event was on a traditional jailoo in which the school children were reciting the Epic of Manas in a manaschi.

According to the Ministry of Health, seven children were hospitalized in the intensive care unit of the Jalal-Abad Regional Children’s Hospital, three are in serious condition. Three more were taken to the Suzak Regional Hospital, and eight children were taken to the Oktyabrsky General Practice Center. Their condition is assessed as stable. The other 11 have been released to outpatient care with minor injuries.

Local police made this statement to

“The Porter had to distribute ice cream to those present from the board. According to the driver, he parked the car above the place where the event was held. It is not yet known for what reason the car rolled down and rammed the children.”

As of this publication, this is being investigated as gross negligence and not terrorism.