South Africa Seeks Expansion of Emergency Measures Against Israel

Amidst South Africa’s oral arguments in the International Court of Justice’s (ICJ) hearings on South Africa’s request for emergency provisional measures to be instated against Israel, South Africa has requested an additional provisional measure.

They have requested that the court issue an order to halt Israel’s military offensive in the entirety of the Gaza Strip, not just Rafah as their emergency request had initially requested.

South Africa claims that this is the “only order that will clearly protect what is left of Palestinian life in Gaza,” and that it is the only real means to “prevent genocide” in the Gaza Strip.

Notably, a halt to the war was within South Africa’s initial provisional measures requested in their first case filing in December. This particular measure was denied by the court in its ruling on these measures in late January.

The emergency measures sought by South Africa may be read about here.

As of publication, South Africa’s oral hearing is ongoing.