Eight Killed, Including Four Foreign Nationals, Bamyan, Afghanistan

Update (1430 EST): The victims have been listed as citizens of Spain, Norway, Australia, and Lithuania. The number of dead foreign nationals has been downgraded to three, of which all are Spaniards.

Update (1149 EST): Below are photos showing the scene:

Credit: Ali Hussaini (X)

At approximately 1020 EST, initial reports indicated that eight people had been fatally shot by gunman in Bamyan, Afghanistan. Among those eight people, four have been reported as foreign nationals.

Taliban spokesperson Saboor Sighani in Bamyan has confirmed the incident and that armed gunman had attacked a bazaar and killed four foreign tourists. Several bodies were located next to a vehicle with a Tunisian license plate.

No foreign government has commented on the incident as of this publication.

This is developing.