Hezbollah Members Killed in IDF Aistrike, Najjarieh, Lebanon

At approximately 0253 EST, eyewitnesses reported an airstrike near the al-Zahrani refinery in Najjarieh, Lebanon.

By 0310 EST, the first Lebanese Hezbollah (LH) blogs began to report that multiple fighters were killed after an IDF airstrike hit a vehicle carrying at least three men.

By 0700 EST, the IDF made the first official confirmation of the strike, they claimed:

“A few hours ago, the Air Force attacked an infrastructure where terrorists of the Hezbollah terrorist organization were operating, which includes several compounds in the village of A-Najriyah in southern Lebanon. These compounds are used by Hezbollah’s air defense system and posed a threat to Israeli aircraft.”

By 0720, LH announced that one of its members had been killed:

“With greater pride and pride, the Islamic Resistance honors the martyr, the Mujahid, Hussein Khadr Mahdi “Abu Khadr”, born in 1962 from the town of Al-Najjariya in southern Lebanon, who rose as a martyr on the road to Jerusalem.”

CCTV footage showed the moment the vehicle was targeted. This strike joins the long line of tit-for-tat incidents in Northern Israel and Southern Lebanon as the IDF and LH continue to trade low-level blows since October 7th.