Helicopter Carrying Iranian President Suffers “Accident”

Update (0938 EST): After initial reports from state owned media, shown below, stating the President was safe, several reputable sources have reported that the helicopter has crashed and rescuers are unable to locate the president. Iranian Red Crescent head Mahmoudi has told press a large-scale rescue effort is underway and IRGC-affiliated media is reporting that casualties and injuries are “unknown”. Iranian Interior Minister Vahidi has told press that the helicopter crashed in an austere wooded area and bad weather is making contact difficult.

Update (0852 EST): The helicopter reportedly suffered a “hard landing in Varzeqan, but all occupants are reported safe.

Iranian President Raisi departing his helicopter after a hard landing in Varzeqan. Credit: IRNA

Update (0844 EST): According to the Iran Cyber Corps channel on TG, the presidential helicopter was forced to land due to poor weather and there is no threat to the President. Two other helicopters in the aerial convoy arrived at their destination safely.

Initial reports indicate that the helicopter carrying Iranian President Raisi has suffered some sort of accident in East Azerbaijan Province, Iran. Tabriz Friday Imam Ayatollah Al-Hashim and Amir Abdullahian, the Foreign Minister were also on board.

This is developing.