Iranian President Missing, Earlier Reports of Safe Landing False

Update (1032 EST): Iran’s Emergency Department has announced an air rescue is not possible due to thick fog and a ground team is the only hope of reaching the crash site.

As this publication reported earlier this morning, Iranian President Raisi’s helicopter suffered “an accident” in East Azerbaijan Province, Iran, near Varzeqan. Iranian state-owned media published a photo of the Iranian President stepping off his presidential helicopter. However, we have determined that this photo is actually from August 2022 showing the Iranian president surveying a natural disaster.

As this publication reported already, the Iranian Interior Minister, Iranian Red Crescent head, and the East Azerbaijan Province Deputy Civil Engineer have all reported that rescue teams cannot reach the crash site due to weather and the austere environment.

More than 20 rescue teams and drones have been deployed as of this publication. This is developing.

Iranian rescue teams deployed near Varzeqan searching for the Iranian President.