Palestinian Popular Resistance Committees Vow to Target US Pier in Gaza

The Palestinian Popular Resistance Committees has announced that it will target US and Israeli forces off the coast of the Gaza Strip.

Their announcement reads below:

“We consider the floating dock to be a service to the Zionist enemy, an act of propaganda and misinformation, an actual participation in legislating the siege and the occupation of the Rafah crossing, a stupefaction and deception of world public opinion that supports our people and rejects the crimes of the Nazi enemy in Gaza, and an attempt to divert attention from the siege, genocide and war of starvation carried out by the Zionist entity against our people. 8 months ago.

We reject any Zionist or foreign presence on the shore of the Gaza Sea, the Gaza Strip or its crossings, and any American, Zionist or other force present on any inch of our land will be a legitimate target for our resistors and mujahideen.“

The Popular Resistance Committees is a group of Palestinian militant groups which are against the Palestinian Authority and Fatah because of its willingness to work with Israel.