Israeli Raid in Jenin Leaves Seven Killed, Per MoH

An Israeli raid is presently ongoing in the city of Jenin, in the West Bank. Footage posted online showed a column of armoured vehicles entering the city and the Jenin refugee camp, including a number of armoured bulldozers that are carrying out demolition work on several streets. Local sources have claimed some of the road demolition work is taking place in front of the Jenin government hospital.

As of publication, the Palestinian Ministry of Health has reported that seven people have been killed, including at least one child, with an additional 15 injured, including a journalist named Amr Manasrah.

Local Palestinian media has also claimed that Israeli forces have cut off electricity to the Jenin camp, however this remains unconfirmed as of publication.

The Israeli military stated they were carrying out an anti-terror operation, however the immediate goals, and target, of the operation is not immediately clear. It is also unclear if Israel has carried out any arrests as a part of this operation.

Palestinian militant groups are reported to be engaged with Israeli forces. Jenin is one of many West Bank hotbeds for militant activity.

Notably, this raid is taking place in the daytime. Daytime raids in the West Bank are rather rare, as Israeli forces generally prefer to operate under the cover of the night in order to assist in avoiding detection by local militants.