China Increases Military Activity Around Taiwan on Second Day of Exercises

The Taiwan Ministry of National Defense (MoND) has reported that on Friday, 62 PLA aircraft and 27 PLAN vessels operated around the island during the second and reportedly last day of the “Joint Sword” military exercises being carried out by Chinese forces.

The MoND stated that 47 of the aircraft entered Taiwan’s ADIZ, marking the largest incursion since December 2022. Likewise, the vessel deployments marked the largest on record since Taiwan began tracking these numbers in August 2022.

This comes one day after Taiwan reported that 49 PLA aircraft, 19 PLAN vessels, and 7 CCG vessels were operating around the island on the first day of the exercises.

The exercise areas completely surround Taiwan, simulating a blockade around the island by joint sea-air combat patrols. Likewise, exercises have taken place around the Taiwanese islands of Kinmen, Matsu, Wuqiu, and Dongyin.

The PLA has stated that its forces will “test the ability to jointly seize power, launch joint attacks and occupy key areas.”

Last year’s Joint Sword exercises saw 232 PLA aircraft and 32 PLAN vessels operate around the island in a three day window.