Illegal Gold Mining Setup Shutdown by Colombian Military

Illegal gold mining equipment worth close to three quarters of a million dollars, as estimated by Colombian military and police forces, was seized in the rural area of Certegui, a municipality and town that exists within the coastal Choco region in western Colombia. This illegal mining setup was estimated by authorities to produce almost $250,000 (890,000,000 Colombian pesos) worth of gold, or 3,600 grams, a month. This move is part of a larger “Plan Ayachucho” being carried out by the government of Colombia to achieve “security and tranquility” for all Colombians. The plan has been under work since 2023, divided into eight different divisions who are all assigned to various details, including drug trafficking prevention, dismantling all sizes of criminal groups, human rights enforcement, and cracking down on illegal mining extraction sites, as well as more.