Arkhangelske Reportedly Taken by Russian Forces, Following Previous Captures in Donetsk

Russian forces have reported the capture of Arkhangelske, Donetsk region, marking a continuation of their advances in eastern Ukraine.

The Russian Ministry of Defense (MoD) stated that the village was secured by the “Center” troop group after successful combat operations. This event follows the recent captures of Belogorovka, Kleshcheevka, and Andriivka, enhancing Russian control in the region.

Forward line of troops according to the Russian Ministry of Defense.

The offensive also resulted in Ukrainian military losses. According to the Russian MoD’s Telegram, the Ukrainian 24th, 100th Mechanized, and 25th Airborne Brigades, along with the 241st Territorial Defense Brigade, suffered casualties and equipment losses in various confrontations. Additionally, Russian forces allegedly countered attacks by the Ukrainian 142nd, 144th Infantry, and 47th Mechanized Brigades.